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2022 - Term 2

Venue: Gate 3, The Office of ‘QUANTUM BIOTECH’, 31A Sterling Rd.,  MINCHINBURY 2779. And also on ZOOM


  “DIGGING INTO DANIEL– Conclusions.’”  
Synopsis: ‘Digging further into Daniel’s prophecies we see the Lord reigning in the armies of heaven and earth and bring Israel into the end-time with a call from God ‘Blessed are those that wait for and come to the 1335th - day.’ What is all this about? Join us in the final events revealed and God’s kingdom arriving on earth.

Lecturer:Ron Jarlett
Duration: April 26th. (Tues) to May 17th. ( 4 weeks).
Time: 07:30 pm - 08:25 pm

SESSION: 2  “BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND’ The Book of Genesis”  Part 2
Synopsis: ‘ Continuing our journey through the Book of Genesis, we will examine the generations leading from Noah to Abraham and how they lived in the light of God’s command tom fill the earth. In the aftermath of the flood, how did human understand the LORD”S justice and mercy and wrath? In the new beginning described in chapters 9-12 of Genesis, what can we learn about our God and ourselves/ Join us as we gid deeper in God’s word and its impact.

Lecturer:Russ Bryant
Duration: April 26th. (Tues) to May 17th. ( 4 weeks).
Time: 08:35 pm - 09:30 pm

TERM TWO Continued
SESSIONS: 1 & 2 ‘Discipleship Matters - 1 Timothy’
‘ Even as the first generation of Apostles and passed away , the next generation looked to them for encouragement and guidance. Paul’s first letter to Timothy is a very personal document filled with important matters concerning in dividual and communal discipleship. Join us as we enter into the mid of Paul, guided by the Holy Spirit, and discover what it means to be God’s child and servant and witness.

Lecturer:Russ Bryant
Duration: May 24th. (Tues) to June 28th (6 weeks).
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30 pm (Two lectures)

$35 per person
$55 for married couple
$25 for pensioners


Let’s be in prayer to uphold one another at this time.” 

  For more information or to place an order, please contact

Mr Ron Jarlett (Principal)   02 9502 1967    
Dr Russ Bryant (Academic Dean)  02 9677 2724  or 0425 277694