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WSBS Subjects 2002 to Present



Summer school

Week 1 Bible Study Methods [Malcolm Gill]
Week 2 Introduction to the Gospels [Max Hall]
Week 3 Acts [Pat Aherne]
Week 4 Life of David [Keith Henderson]


2002 Term

Hot topic Plumpton
1 What is the church? [Jacob Coulton]Elders & deacons [RJ] James [JF] 
2 Sanctification [Roger Brewer]Post-modernism [Roger Brewer] Meet the messengers: Introduction to the Prophets [RJ]
Grace + Salvation [Charles Case]
Galatians [MS]
4 Election/predestination [Richard Thackray]Prayer [RB] Jeremiah [RJ]


2003 Term

Hot topic Plumpton
1 Can I trust my Bible? [JF] Romans [JF]
2 Finding God’s will for your life [Dan Keegan] Isaiah: Servant Songs [RJ]
3 World Views – what are they? [Neville Pollard] Sermon on the Mount [RB]
4 The Universe: Accident or design? [RJ] Colossians [CC]Evangelism [DM]


2004 Term

Hot topic [T1-3] Plumpton[T4] Mt Druitt
1 Baptism [JF] Jude [JF]
2 Spiritual Warfare [Dan Keegan] Ezekiel [RJ]
3 World Views 2 – where did it all begin? [NP] Fail-safe families [RT]
4 - Church History I, AD 0-700 [NP]


2005 Term

Hot topic Mt Druitt Burwood
1 Reality of Hell [JF] Titus [JF] Old Testament Introduction [CC/RB/JP]
2 Rapture [DK] Old Testament Introduction [RB] New Testament Introduction [CC/NP/RJ/DK]
3 Ecclesiastes [NP] Exodus [RB] Romans [RJ/CC]
4 Forgiveness [DM] Church History II, AD 700-1400 [NP] Sermon on the Mount [RB]


2006 TERM HOT TOPICMt Druitt campus only Mt Druitt Burwood
1[feb-mar] AntiChrist[John Farr] John[John Farr] Job[John Picart/RB]
2[may-june] The power ofthe tongue[Jim Duggan] Ephesians[Don McCall] Meet the messengers:Introducing the prophets[Ron Jarlett]
3[july-sep]   Church History IIIa,Reformation characters[Neville Pollard];Our Awesome God A[Ron Jarlett] Exodus[Russ Bryant]
4[oct-dec]   Church History IIIb,Reformation consequences[Neville Pollard];Our Awesome God B[Ron Jarlett] Galatians[Russ Bryant]

Judy Rikmanis


John Farr [N.T. studies – James; Romans; Jude; Titus; John]

Ron Jarlett [O.T. studies – Meet the messengers; Jeremiah; Servant Songs; Ezekiel; Awesome God]

Neville Pollard [Church History – I (0-700AD), II (700-1400AD), III (Reformation and after)]

Russ Bryant [Old Testament introduction; Matthew 5-7; Exodus; Galatians]


2007 TERM HOT TOPICMt Druitt campus only Mt Druitt Burwood
1[feb-mar] Premillennialism[John Farr] Acts 1-7[John Farr] Romans[Ron Jarlett]
2[april-june] Evangelising Islam[Eddie ?] Job[John Picart/RB] How to serve God[Ron Jarlett]
3[july-sep] Kings of Israel[Jim Duggan] John 1-12 a[Neville Pollard]Daniel a[Ron Jarlett] Ephesians 1-3[Russ Bryant]
4[oct-dec] Jewish evangelism[Eric Resch] John 1-12 b[Neville Pollard]Daniel b[Ron Jarlett] Ephesians 4-6[Russ Bryant]


Saw Frimon Taw


2008 TERM HOT TOPICMt Druitt only Mt Druitt Burwood
1[feb-mar] [JF] Acts 8-15[John Farr] Daniel[RJ]
2[may-june] [sharp][keegan?] Introduction to Doctrine[RJ] Genesis 1-25[RB]
3[july-sep] [RJ] A Life in Song:Psalms of David [JP/RB] Introduction to Doctrine[RJ]
4[oct-dec] [resch?] ?[RJ] Genesis 26-50[RB]




Hot topicMt Druitt only [T1] Minchinbury[T2-4] Doonside Burwood
1 JF 1 & 2 Peter [JF] [RJ] Church history 0–300
2 RJ Amos [RJ] John 1-11 [RB]
3 Intertestament[RB] Galatians [RB] [RJ] Church history [Heroes of Reformation]
4 Nil How we got our Bible [RJ]Including Dead Sea scrolls John 12-21 & epistles [RB]




Hot topicMt Druitt only Doonside Burwood
1 => 1 John [JF] Exodus [RB]
2 => Colossians [NP] Bible Study Methods [RJ]
3 [RJ] Bible Study Methods [RJ] Cancelled
4 Witnessing to atheists[Jeffrey Jones] 1 Timothy 1-3 [RB] Revelation [introduction] [RJ]




Hot topicMt Druitt only Doonside Burwood Homebush West
1 => Acts 16-28 [JF] 1 Timothy 1-3 [RB]  
2 [NP] Proverbs [NP] 7-fold work of the Cross [RJ]  
3 [Peter Szep] 7-fold work of the Cross [RJ] 1 Timothy 4-6 [RB]  
4 [Jeffrey Jones] 1 Timothy 4-6 [RB] 1 + 2 Thessalonians [RJ]