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History of Western Sydney Bible School


     In 1957, New Tribes Mission commenced its training programme in Australia with the establishment of a Missionary Training School at Plumpton in Sydney, New South Wales. A Bible College was later started on the same campus. From 1971, the campus grounds housed the Bible College, Missionary Training School, Language School, and the Australian headquarters of New Tribes Mission. With the continuing growth of urban Sydney, it became necessary for New Tribes Mission to relocate its training facilities. Laurieton, near Port Macquarie, became the new base for New Tribes Mission in Australia in 2001. New Tribes Mission did not, however, wish to see all of its Bible training programmes in Sydney cease, and so a number of their lecturers and long-term students established Western Sydney Bible School, which commenced operation in 2002. Several other lecturers associated with New Tribes Mission have since taught with Western Sydney Bible School.
Western Sydney Bible School took up many of the Bible teaching programmes previously conducted by New Tribes Mission, including the Evening Bible School, Correspondence Course, and Summer School. The Correspondence Course was developed from the Evening Bible School programme. Most of the classes in the evening programmes are recorded and published as audio-tapes or, more commonly, compact discs. New subjects are continually being added to our already extensive Correspondence Course catalogue.  Although Summer Schools have not been held for a number of years, they may be re-established in the near-future.
     Although there is no obligation for our students to undertake certificated studies, Western Sydney Bible School currently offers four levels of unaccredited certification, at certificate and diploma level, details of which are included in this prospectus. The reasons for non-accreditation can be found in our Principles of Operation. In mid-2004, Western Sydney Bible School became affiliated with the European Theological Seminary [Birmingham, U.K.], which provided undergraduate and postgraduate Biblical & theological study programmes in external mode to students throughout the world. Students completing the Diploma in Biblical Studies with Western Sydney Bible School enjoyed advanced entry into European Theological Seminary’s Bachelor of Theology programme. Western Sydney Bible School’s Principal and the Academic Dean are available to advise on and supervise all courses and programmes offered, and to provide help in designing a personalised programme of study if a student requests such assistance.
Late in 2004, the Plumpton campus was closed and evening classes re-commenced at Bethel Christian School, Mt Druitt, Sydney.
     In 2005, Western Sydney Bible School began a second campus for the Evening Bible School, based at Burwood Church of Christ, Burwood, Sydney. The management committee decided, in 2006, to introduce a Diploma in Ministry to recognise the efforts of its lecturers. In that year also, our first DipBibSt student graduated and immediately enrolled with European Theological Seminary [U.K.]. A number of other students have since graduated from the DipBibSt programme but European Theological Seminary [U.K.] experienced accreditation difficulties at about this time, disrupting Western Sydney Bible School students’ progression into their courses. The Mt Druitt campus became unavailable from the beginning of 2009 and, for a term, students were taught at the home of one of our committee members. Powerhouse Church, Doonside, Sydney, then offered the use of its facilities, and Western Sydney Bible School classes commenced there at the beginning of the second term, 2009.