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Course Structure


Diploma in Biblical Studies
Course Structures
Students must complete all three sections successfully.
  1. Old Testament
    • Core
      1. Patterns in the Pentateuch
      2. Life of David
      3. Introduction to the Prophets
    • Non-Core [Associate Diploma]
      1. One book study
    • Non-Core [Diploma]
      1. Three book studies
  2. New Testament
    • Core
      1. Introduction to the Gospels
      2. Romans
      3. Revelation
    • Non-Core [Associate Diploma]
      1. One epistle study
    • Non-Core [Diploma]
      1. One gospel study
      2. Two epistle studies
  3. Topical
    • Core
      1. Nature & character of God or Firm foundations
      2. Ethics
      3. Theology of Missions or Evangelism or a Church history topic
    • Non-Core [Associate Diploma]
      1. One topical study
    • Non-Core [Diploma]
      1. Three topical studies
      2. Bible Study Methods
  • Each essay contributes 70% to total mark in each subject.
  • Examination contributes 30% to total mark in each subject.
  • Pass mark will be combined average total of 60% in each subject's assessments together with acceptable marks in each assessment item of that subject.
  • Students who graduate from the Diploma programme with an overall average in excess of 80% will receive their degree with an honours award.