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2019 - Term 3

HOT TOPIC : Psalm 23 – Life and Comfort”   (Continuation from last term)"

Synopsis:  You want to live a life of purpose knowing the Lord has already prepared your needs and directions for you? Come along to the Bible School on Hot Topic Night, July 22nd and learn how to live  in the presence of our Good Shepherd who loves and cares for you.

Lecturer: Peter Szep
Duration: 22/07/2019   (Monday Night Only)
Time: 07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
$5.00 including notes and refreshment

TERM 3 SUBJECT (session 1) :  Our Olive Tree Connection” (Romans 9-11)"

Synopsis:  We are all familiar with the wonderful truth,” I am the Vine, You are the Branches” but what about enjoying “the root and fatness of the Olive Tree”?  Jesus said “salvation is of the Jews” (the olive tree). Join us as we investigate the problem of God’s channel of blessing, the nation of Israel, in their rejection of the Messiah, and see God’s wisdom displayed in solving this problem to bless the whole world forever.

Lecturer: Ron Jarlett

TERM 3 SUBJECT (session 2) :  Witnesses to Me’ (Studies in Acts)"

Synopsis:  In his first book, Luke the evangelist wrote about what the LORD Jesus began to do and teach. Join us as we begin to explore with Luke, through the Book of Acts, how the gospel outworks in the believer, the church, and the world. Be prepared to be confronted with yourself, your relationship with God and how you need to confront the world with the good news of Jesus Christ and God’s kingdom.

Lecturer: Russ Bryant

Duration: 29/07/2019 – 16/09/2019 (8 Weeks)   Monday Nights Only
Time: 07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
$30.00 - Married couples $50 (including notes and refreshment

  For more information or to place an order, please contact

Mr Ron Jarlett (Principal)   02 9502 1967  


Dr Russ Bryant (Academic Dean)  02 9677 2724  or 0425 277694