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2018 - Term 1

Venue:  Powerhouse Christian Church, 20a, Power St, DOONSIDE-2767 (Opposite to Doonside Technology School)

TERM 1 Subject

"Who do you say I am?

Synopsis:  We begin the year with a short series focussing on some key events and issues often overlooked in dealing with this part of early history.  This four week series of lectures, we will examine the first 11 chapters of Genesis – perfect creation, the repercussions of the entry of sin, the great flood and its impact today, and the dispersion at Babel.  We will consider not only the events described in those chapters, but also the consequences for them and for ourselves."

Lecturer:  Russ Bryant

Duration: 29/01/2018 – 19/03/2018 (8 weeks) - Monday Nights only
Time: 07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
$35.00 including notes and refreshments


 For more information or to place an order, please contact

Mr Ron Jarlett (Principal)   02 9502 1967  


Dr Russ Bryant (Academic Dean)  02 9677 2724  or 0425 277694


Mr Joseph Jones    02 9675 6115 or  0411 799065